Why are there no vegan friendly meal subscription box companies?

My wife signed us up for Hello Fresh and Blue Apron on their vegetarian menu and so far I have enjoyed them.  That is, if you ignore the crazy waste of packaging materials, expensive shipping costs, and over charging for vegetables, it’s a great deal!

Going the vegan route is pretty tough to get started, as most people know, and finding good food in the local stores takes some knowledge.  It should be easier to start being vegan than; first become a food nutritionist, then search every label in the grocery store for milk, egg, and cheese free items.  Even if you have a vegan shop in your town, it is still vital to get all the nutrition in the right amounts so you have spend a lot of your day making sure you get it right.  Otherwise, you just end up hungry, grumpy, and tired all day.

There are a few vegan boxes out there, but they are all snack foods and beauty products.  There are no starter kits to get things rolling and keep it simple.  You can get free recipes and the like, but what about sending the food directly to take the work out of it? 

I also believe there needs to be a better way to pack and ship these kinds of food to avoid the excess material costs.  To lower shipping costs and spread across the country, you could offer franchise-shipping points and find recycled cardboard suppliers.  To break into the industry there are subscription company groups to get help like the Groove Learning Facebook Group.

To help show the health benefits there are plenty of resources on blogs and here is one with benefits and good recipes.

Best of luck!


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