Why hasn’t anyone invented this yet?

All entrepreneur idea guides start with the same question; find a problem and then offer up a solution.  This is nice, but why hasn’t anyone solved the problem of folding clothes?  This is such a time killer in every single home that has a washer and dryer.  It is a tough problem, no doubt, but even as technology advances, no one is any closer to fixing it.  UC Berkley approached the problem with a huge robot that can fold socks and towels at grass growing speed.  And then there is this shaky rod system with a terrible soundtrack. 

I don’t believe anyone is close to coming up with a solid system for residential use, or else we would have heard of it by now. There are commercial systems for hotels that help with towels and sheets, but none of the same companies offer a smaller system for home use.  Using the Makerbot approach of residential sizing a commercial technology, I believe this is something that can be done with folding laundry.  The trick will be making this a simple system rather than a highly complicated robotic one.

I wish I could offer more in the way of how this can work, but I will leave that up to you to figure out.  Good luck!