Bridging analog and digital tools to help you get organized.

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Modern Ledger

A notebook built by accountants, for accountants.

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The first folio to hold a tablet, notebook, and two writing tools in  a lightweight, modular design.


Launched on Kickstarter we raised $14,633 from 294 backers!

Getting organized is a great feeling. It makes you more productive, makes it easier to remember where you left things, and reduces the feeling of being overwhelmed.

The human mind is not perfect, but as shown by many successful experts like David Allen, Ryder Carroll, and Dr. Daniel Levitin, we can help it to remember and organize thoughts with external tools, such as pen and paper. 


What people are saying about the folios:

The Apprentice is perfect. The design is so well thought out and the material quality and build is excellent. I can’t wait to put it to use. Thank you
— Michele B.
The OCB Folio gives me what I want: paper on the right, tablet on the left.
— review done by Michael Hagan
The to-do list on the front is really the best part. This will be really useful.
— Katie L
Mike has created an extremely helpful tool, that is the first organizational tool I have ever had, and the last I will ever need, because it is amazing.
— A New Kind of Pencil Blog by Justin Carey
I believe I used your paper and book the way many users will and give you extremely high marks for developing such a useful and practical hand book. It is definitely of superior quality. I’ll recommend it to others!
— Frank B.
The folio will be my personal assistant, my project manager, my day planner, my task master and my life saver... and all with a splash of classic style!
— Alaina S.
I really like it and think it could help me organize my notes (I am a surgical resident and I use a moleskin AND free paper to draw diagrams/anatomy, etc). I would love to have one of these folios to organize both!
— Joe K
I have never seen a folio case with a to-do list. I think this will help keep things organized.
— John C.
The paper quality in the project notebooks is better than anything I have seen.
— Andy L.