Why is the tablet/sketchbook on the left side of the folio, instead of the right?

This is the only notebook folio that allows for the folio to be flipped around and used with the notebook on the left or the right.  


Will writing on the left side of the book hurt my tablet screen?

The books we offer fit nicely in the folio and have a soft cover that will not damage the tablet when it is in place.  Writing in them does not push through the cover.


When can I purchase the folio?

The folio is currently on sale at Kickstarter!  Follow the link HERE to learn more about it.


Isn't the 40% discount just a gimmick? Don't you just mark-up your product?

For the limited number of individuals willing to invest in our company and help us make it great, we are offering the folio case and books at cost.   We will not be making a profit on these sales which is why they are limited to this Kickstarter only.