The crowdfunding community needs a website to review online marketers. ASAP.

If you have ever needed help marketing your product online, you know there are too many choices for advice.  Finding one that will do what they promise, and that is not a scam, are the two things everyone needs, especially crowdfunding creators.

I learned this very quickly in my Kickstarter launch when I instantly became a target of spammers promising their 70,000 followers would be willing to invest in my product.  They exploit the fact that I have not yet reached my funding goal and their promises look better as the deadline looms closer everyday.  I mean, who couldn’t use 70K backers!?

Crowdfunding creators need a way to vet the real marketing agents through a review process.  As crowdfunding booms, there is a whole ecosystem itching to get in on the action.  Without any watchdog system in place to help, if the creator picks the wrong company to go with, the marketing budget can be spent on nothing.  Launching a project is a stressful event and creators are looking for any help they can to get their word out.  They have worked for hundreds of hours on their project and the last thing they want at this point is to be scammed.  There is an opportunity here.

I see articles about the best marketing companies, 30 people to help promote projects, and there are also some review sites, but these don’t appear to be independent due to their “featured” marketers.  There should be a clean, easy to use review site that can remain independent and also tailor to each type of marketing needed. The community as a whole will benefit from this kind of site and everyone will appreciate you for weeding out the scams.  

If I am missing a site that does this already please send it to me.  My Kickstarter campaign needs to reach more designers, creators and anyone that wants to accomplish their goals.