Kickstarter Notebooks

Notebook progress and shipping update

I recently updated the shipping date to all my products to Feb 2017 and wanted to explain a little more about this.  (I have emailed everyone that has been kind enough to order already.)

When I launched my Kickstarter campaign back in August 2016, I had no idea this would overfund by 300%.  As I expected to order far fewer notebooks, and they are all being handmade here in the US, it has put a strain on the small, family-owned printer.  They are doing an amazing job and progress is showing every week, but I did request one additional thing that has put them officially behind schedule.  I asked for every notebook and sketchpad to be shrink-wrapped individually. This was due to the fragile nature of the paper products during shipment.  I have been receiving other Kickstarter rewards that come through the mail scratched and dinged up and don't want this to happen to your items.  

Here are some progress photos of the notebooks and sketchpads. Thank you for your patience during this long phase of the fulfillment process!