Bullet Journal Method Book Review


What should I be doing with my life?

How the Bullet Journal Method book by Ryder Carrol got me to think about my life’s purpose and direction.

For those of us that use the Bullet Journal system, we fill our books up with daily and weekly tasks and tread a fine line between being productive and being busy. After reading the Bullet Journal Method book (twice!) it has helped me reevaluate my whole outlook on life, and working towards a direction I want to be moving.

Two months ago I looked back at my completed daily tasks and there wasn’t a single item on the list that made any impact on the following day. I caught up on laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, prepped all the meals, etc, and I would need to be repeat everything the following day. It felt like my days were being compartmentalized and I would never get the chance to move forward.

Stepping back for a minute, if you haven’t started bullet journaling, here is a quick summary of the process:

The official tagline of the book and the system as a whole is, “track the past, order the present so that you can design your future.” When I read this book the first time, it felt like these tag lines and others like it throughout the book were simple passages. I didn’t give them any thought and moved through the text to the more interesting stories about Ryder and other artists he mentions. It was upon my own reflection that these simple quotes started to make sense.

Leading an intentional life is about keeping your actions aligned with your beliefs. It’s about penning a story that you believe in and that you can be proud of.
— Ryder Carroll

The term ‘intentional life’ is not new to Ryder’s writing as he had a TED talk on this very subject and it is well worth the time if you haven’t seen it yet.

This book is expertly written and it includes so many references to scientific resources that it does an incredible job at explaining how and why the system works. While parts of it can be dry, it avoids adding unrealistic promises or hooey to the book which I prefer. As you work though the steps you find yourself and the book acts as a wise mentor showing you the way, without getting in the way.


The section that surprised me the most was toward the end of the book when Ryder talks about putting the system into practice. He wants the best for all of us and his writing is at times, inspiring. When he writes, “If you don’t do, if you don’t dare, then you rob the world-and yourself-of the chance to contribute something meaningful.” The time used for reflection in our journals is key to the purpose of the system. While it takes time to do this, it is one reason why it works so well and keeps us all on task at the greater life purpose. I like the Bullet Journal App as a gentle reminder to take some time each day.

BuJo App

If you don’t have time to read the hardback book, the audio version is a perfect substitute and is read by Ryder himself. He is a great narrator and to hear him tell the story about his apartment flooding and losing his portfolio, you can hear the pain in his voice. You can find the audio version HERE.

Book Elements

Now that you know why I think you should read this book, here is how Ryder laid it out.

I. Preparation

  • Introduction into the BuJo system and the tools you will need to begin (i.e. a notebook and pen)

II. The System

  • Beginners guide to the BuJo layouts (Index, Future log, Monthly log, Daily log, Rapid logging, Collections and Migration)

III. The Practice

  • Learn what you are in control of, the meaning of each thing, what is worth your attention, and why.

IV. The Art

  • Custom collections to fit specific needs


Moving Forward

As I mentioned in the beginning that my daily tasks were dominating my time, I have made great progress in looking forward and using my future log more to work towards future goals. I found that by creating more time in my day for personal development I am happier, even when working on the same mundane tasks. By waking up at 4:30am each day and running while it is just about light outside, I have taken control of my life and feel amazing for it.


I can’t recommend this book enough as it brings together some incredible ideas and science behind getting organized and leading a better life.

If you are interested to start reading, Ryder has recently launched a huge book giveaway. Read more and enter HERE.

You can also find the book on Amazon HERE.


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Cold Weather Pen Test


With the cold air temperatures rolling in, I decided it was time to test which of my pens will work outside, and also see what happens to fountain pen ink when subjected to the extreme cold overnight.

Part I


I tested 11 pens that i use on a regular basis and left them outside for 24 hours. The temperature when I put them out was 10 degrees and the low for the evening was 0 degrees.


The paper is a Clairefontaine ruled notebook and kept the paper the same for the before and after samples. The top line for each pen is the before freezing, and the second line is after the pen was left outside for 24hrs.

Every pen wrote perfectly!

Every pen wrote perfectly!

After being in the freezing temp all day I tested the pens and every single one wrote exactly the same! This was surprising as the ink in the fountain pens is water based and the gel inks should have been affected.

Looking closely at the TWSBI Go pen (blue pen in above picture) I thought it was frozen but perhaps it was just because it was full and didn’t look like it was moving.

The James Brand Benton Pen - Find it  here

The James Brand Benton Pen - Find it here

The pens didn’t even need any work to get them writing. I started writing as soon as they came inside and while they felt frozen, the ink flowed perfectly.

Going a bit further, I wanted to find the freezing temperature of the inks but came up short. If anyone knows where to find this I am all ears!

I know there are inks made specifically for cold temperatures like the Noodler’s Polar Inks that has a freezing point of -114 degrees. Find it here.

Polar Blue.png

Part II

After the first test of 11 pens, the weather dropped well below zero and I did a test with a mix of pens and fountain pen ink.


I left these pens and ink out for 72 hours that went through two snowstorms, and a low temperature of -20 degrees.

The result was fairly surprising once again….They all wrote very well after a little short ‘warm up’ period!


The one that took the longest to get warmed up was the TWSBI GO and you can see the ink had a hard time flowing consistently. The ink didn’t freeze inside the pen so I attribute this to the nib being so cold.


As for the ink sample, this was frozen solid as well as the Lamy cartridge.

So, thats it for the cold tests. Thanks for reading and let me know if I should test any other pens or ink this winter!



PS. In case you want to know which candy bar is best to pack on cold trips, the Butterfinger is your best bet. I learned this from my friend Sam that used to do this crazy race on the Canadian border called the Arrowhead 135. This is a race along the Canadian border in January that he needed to pack high caloric snacks with him. After lots of candy testing, the Butterfinger doesn’t freeze into a brick like a Snickers, FYI.


Paper Notebook Gift Giving Guide


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To help keep notes and ideas organized, the dual page layout is ideal for professional creatives.  

Code & Quill Origin Notebook

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From Planners that follow the academic calendar year to Undated Planners, this company has a great line-up of notebooks for teachers.  

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As my photography friend, Michael Tallman, told me, "writing down notes from client meetings and conferences is key to keeping track of everything and available." The Baron Fig line up fits well in any bag and are beautiful notebooks. Check out their limited Work/Play II edition.

Traveler -  Midori Travelers Notebook - $38

This is the gold standard in travel notebook sets, and it has developed a huge fan base to help show how to use this simple system. For a primer on this, Jet Pens has a good resource here.


As most professors have a need for spiral bound notebooks, these are the one they have been looking for.  They look amazing, have great quality paper, and lay open while lecturing.  

Appointed Notebook

Children - LEGO Moleskine Notebook - $24

Gifts that don't require batteries are a great option, and this is one that they can literally build on with the lego board on the front.  It also helps hold the LEGO pen!  

Bullet Journal Junkie - Original Bullet Journal Notebook - $25

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Hatch Notebook

Engineer - Rhodia Dot Pad - $10

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Rhodia Notebook

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Reporter/Journalist - Field Notes Front Page - $13

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Beer Drinker - Brewers Passport - $24

Drinking beer is a physical action, not a digital one.  So it makes sense to pull out a notebook and pen instead of a phone.  This notebook is a good resource for identifying flavors and ingredients, and goes beyond the untapped app to help remember exactly what you liked about the beer.

Brewers Passport

Writer/Author - Composition Notebook - $2

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Comp by Aaron Fay

Gadget/Tech Geek - RocketBook Wave - $27

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Everyday Carry/Survival - Field Notes Kraft 3 pack  - $10

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If I missed anything, or you have other suggestions please leave them in the comments below.

Happy Holidays!