Final Notebook Folio Poll Results

Over the past two months we received 43 poll results narrowing the final design in the notebook folios we will launch on Kickstarter.  Before getting into the details, we want to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to submit your thoughts.  We hope you enjoy the new size and colors!


Size – 5.5in by 8.75in (46.5% of the votes)

Medium Notebook Folio Design

While this was not the most popular size to start off, it quickly became the favorite due to the number of notebooks people hoped to fit in this folio case.  The A5 book size(5.8in x 8.3in) is a very popular size and you can find our latest blog post here, which includes twenty of the top brands.

The remaining results are as follows:

25.6% - Large 8x10in

16.3% - Full Size 9x13in

11.6% - Small 3.5 x 6.5in

Material – Black and White Crosshatch (27.9%)

Black and White Crosshatch

This category was much closer than the size, with 25.6% of the votes going to Classic Faux Leather, and 23.3% for Rugged Waxed Canvas.  We secretly were hoping the crosshatch material would win out as this looks great and is a popular material these days.  The folks at Peak Design used it on their Everyday Messenger Bag, and we have always wanted to make something with this material.  With how close the results are we will try to also include the faux leather and canvas when we start production.

The final two choices, Regal Twill and Ripstop Nylon ended with 18.6% and 4.6% of the votes, respectively.

Color – Matte Black – (60.5%)



An obvious winner and a great choice!  This category includes all the crosshatch votes from the material choice, so along with the crosshatch, we will also offer the final folio in matte black.  The Mojito Mint color came in second with only 16.3% of the votes, but in order to add a bit of color we will do our best to make this a choice as well.  The final color choices were:

9.2% - Soft White

7% - Dark Coral

7% - Espresso Brown

So, that brings us to the end of the design process and we will begin working with our small manufacturers to bring this design to life.  Thank you again for all who have contributed and become part of this company’s future.

We will continue to post updates on the prototype process, but we won’t spam you with emails so check in each week at our blog, facebook page, or twitter handle if you are interested in keeping up with the progress.