Small Notebook Folio (Pocket Size) Dropped!

After having the poll open for three weeks, I want to share how the size options are shaping up.  We have received thirty poll submissions and thank you for everyone that has taken the time to fill out the survey!  To date, here is the breakdown of the size popularity:

46% -   Large Size 8x10in

31%  -   Medium Size 5.75 x 8.75in

13%  -   Full Size 11x13in

10%  -   Small Size 3.5 x 6.5in

It is surprising that only three people voted for the small (pocket size) folio.  As the pocket notebooks are growing in popularity (Field Notes, Moleskine Volant Extra Small, Code & Quill Scribe, Word, NockCO, etc.) I expected this to be the big winner.  Sites like Everyday Carry are helping to push the idea of carrying pen and paper around and so it is odd to see how few people were interested in this.

Because of this lack of interest in this pocket size, as well as my own personal review of having a small Notebook Wallet from Dialed, I have decided to drop this as an option for now.  This will help direct the rest of the poll entries toward the final size. 

If you were hoping to see the pocket size option available, we will keep the designs for later folio releases.  You can also check out the following items that may be of interest:

- Levenger Pocket Briefcase

- Brandy Bank Note

Large Size 8x10in Folio 

The popularity of the 8x10in size is not surprising as this is the folio prototype shown in all the images.  It offers a wide range of options for tablets, sketchbook sizes, and notebooks.  I will be confirming if the beautiful Appointed Notebooks will fit in this size case, as well as a number of other carry options for planners, white boards, and even the Grid-it organization systems.  If you haven’t seen these before, check out their site to see the wide range of products by Cocoon to get organized.

We will have the poll open for a couple more weeks and I will share the final breakdown at the end of this month. 


PS. A big thank you to my brother, Andy, for reminding me to share these poll insights!