New Start - Reviewing and Sharing the Best in Folios, Notebooks, and Writing Tools

If you have ever purchased a folio for work or for your own personal organization, you know there is a huge range of padfolios available.  You may have even looked at the reviews of a few to see what people thought of them.  You likely didn’t come across any blogs that were dedicated to reviewing the latest folios.  I didn’t either when I started building my own notebook folio, and I feel like people may want to know how the new folios stack up next to one another before they buy.

Amazon reviews are the largest source for information, but they don’t offer comparison reviews as most individuals only buy one or two folios.  Also, the more thorough reviews are typically solicited from the large companies using Amazon Vine.  

I also want to point out why I am so obsessed with folios in the first place.  A year ago, I wanted to find a new folio to keep my Kickstarter project organized.  I was sketching, writing notes, and using my tablet to design a Startup Project Notebook.  For all my hardcopy work I wanted something to hold my notebook, and all the padfolios didn’t offer this choice.  

For anyone that cares about picking the best folio and notebooks/notepads to carry their work, I hope this blog will help.

To start, I want to mention one of the latest in wallet sized folio cases that is in the final stages of their Kickstarter reward fulfillment, the Dialed Notebook Wallet.

As soon as I review it I will share my thoughts in case you were looking at using something like this.  They also have an indigogo site open for orders here.

Stay tuned, as we will start our free giveaway contest this Friday!