The next big startup idea can come from anywhere. I want you to think of it.

Think of all the big name companies right now and imagine what things would look like if the founders never followed through on their idea.  We would have no Facebook, no Uber, we wouldn’t be excited about the next iPhone release.  I’m not sure I would miss the last one too much, I am starting to feel like Apple shorts out my phone just before releasing a new one.

My point is, everyone has great ideas, but no one ever follows through on them.

I could give you lots of good ideas, for instance, an infrared deer collision sensor that works like police radar detectors for your car.  This is a $4 billion dollar cost for the car insurance companies each year and every state is looking for ways to reduce deer strikes.  (Not to mention you’ll be insanely popular with the deer.) But even with this knowledge, you probably won’t try to make this invention because it isn’t your idea, and you think you may not have the experience to make it happen.   

It’s things like these that hold everyone back from accomplishing great things.  It has held me back for years and now car companies have been working on upgrading their collision sensors to make my aftermarket sensor a step back. If you disagree, give me an email and we can talk about how to make this work!

I want to inspire people to come up with the next great business idea, invention, or even just accomplish the goals they set out for themselves.  This blog is intended to help and inspire you to accomplish something great so I hope you’ll check in from time to time.